Professional Dietetics, founded in 1996 on particular biotechnological and managerial competences, devotes itself to study special mixtures of Amino Acids which stimulate protein syntheses. Professional Dietetics, through important researches and many scientific studies, has investigated the pathologies where protein syntheses are reduced, therefore the use of exclusive mixtures of Amino Acids is extremely effective and very helpful... profile


La Runner's Playlist di Natale | 2015

Due settimane fa avevamo parlato di quanto fossero popolari, soprattutto negli Stati Uniti e in Italia, le maratone natalizie (o quantomeno quelle gare che si svolgono a ridosso delle festività). ... more

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Nutrakos drinking supplement

A healthy, balanced diet does not always provide all the required amounts of nutrients. Nutrakos Amino Acid Food Supplement supplies a specific mixture of amino acids that nourish the skin, ...

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Big One

Human body is mainly composed by 4 atoms: carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) and nitrogen (N). C, H and O are found either in carbohydrates, lipids or proteins, but ...

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Through intensive research, Professional Dietetics developed a unique, innovative and superior cosmeceutic line to fight skin aging and restore skin to its youthful look. Nutrakos line has a great efficacy ...

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